Automation Solutions

Arksa Technologies provides customized Automation solutions in Food Production & Packaging. Automation in food sector involves conversion of raw material into finished packed product. We provide systems that are incorporated in these processes which require the system to handle the actual food product, its packaging material, it’s conveyance between the various stages, & Control Mechanisms.

Study & Research

Designing a custom solution for automation requires adequate study and research. We, at Arksa Technologies make sure we understand the customer’s requirement properly before heading to the design. We meet the customers to discuss their automation needs & requirements. Every customer has their own distinct requirements, inputs and the expected output results. Once these things have been properly understood, the next step is to check the environmental factors. The place where the setup needs to be installed must be environmentally favorable for the machines to run. Factors like temperature, moisture, humidity can have a significant impact on the operations. We make sure to leave no stone unturned in such critical considerations.

Design Phase

Once we gather requirements and raw material we have to undertake designing of specialized equipment that’ll pre-process the raw materials and also make it ready to be given to the next stage in the pipeline. Our machinery is Hygienic. We make sure it is not adulterated in any way and meets all the specifications.


During processing, the product/material needs to be mixed with several ingredients which come in different forms. Adequate and timed feeding of these ingredients is critical in order to get a consistent quality product. Our machines are designed in a way that will take care of all the synchronization.

Control Systems

For automation we make use of technologies which give us smooth controls & guarantees precision. We’re well versed with handling PLCs, communication based control systems, SCADA systems, operator friendly Interfaces, Motion Control systems, Analog Control systems & also customized Microcontroller based solutions.


The food product needs to be conveyed within the multiple units in the machine setup. For this, we need to take care of spillage, wastage, and maintain the properties of the product. We design food graded conveyors in the form of Bucket feeding, Elevated feeding, Straight conveyors, Bent conveyors, Inclined/Declined conveyors, Z conveyors etc. The traffic of the material flowing over the conveyors is managed by our systems. We develop systems that inspect the product’s quality/ features like appearance, orientation, weight, etc using our on-line inspection systems like Check Weighers, Sensor systems & Vision systems.


Based on the products form, nature, required throughput, we integrate production system with the packaging system using machinery like Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines (VFFS), Horizontal Flow-Wrap & other Packaging systems. These packaging machines also take care of on-line Batch Coding & other user required data on Pouch/Packet. We synchronize single production line to multiple packaging stations.